selectable impedance 8 Ohm - 70V/100V IP56

Garden speaker, Hi-Fi, 2 way coax, IP56*waterproof.
Woofer: 16,5 cm polypropylene.
Tweeter: 3cm titanium neodymium magnet.
Nominal power 100V: 2/4/8/16/32W RMS. Peak 64W.
Nominal power 70V: 2/4/8/16/32W RMS. Peak 64W.
Power 8 Ohm: 60W RMS, 120W musical.

Suggested amplification from 10 to 100 W RMS.
Impedance 70V/100V – 8 Ohm selectable.
Frequency response 55-20000 Hz.
Sensitivity 90 dB.
Dimensions (DxH) 365x409 mm.
Weight 3 Kg.
Green colour.
UV resistant polypropylene cabinet.
IP56 protection.
Dispersion angle: 360°(O)x40°(V).
Working temperature from –20° to +60°.

* IP56 protection: Dust protection (in order not to interfere with speaker operation), water column, air flow equal to about 80 times the volume ot the case. Protected against powerful water jets from any direction and sea water. Atmospheric depression 200mm.


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