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3 way speaker with active subwoofer, suitable for audio stereo HiFi and Home Cinema playback.
Speaker capable to reproduce the purity of an orchestral sound with the complete dynamic range, from "pianissimo" to "fortissimo".
2x32 cm Woofer
Amplifier for woofer 500W RMS
Midwoofer 16,5 cm on tuned box
Compression neodymium tweeter with titanium diaphgram 2,5 cm, horn recharged with 90°x60° controlled directivity.
Power 400W RMS, 800W musicals, 1200W peak.
Imoenndance 4 Ω.
Frequency response 30-20000 Hz.
Sensitivity 96 dB.
Max output level 123dB.
Dimensions (WxHxP) 440x1440x440 mm
Weight 52 Kg
Cabinet wood birch plywood
White colour.
Lacquered or neutral wood finish
Customizable finishes ( separate listing): cabinet colour, coating colour, finishes (glossy, matte and neutral)

Monolite W1

Artikelnummer: MONOLITE1W
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