Design column speaker, for professional mid/far-fiel range applications (conference rooms, theatres, hotels,..), 100% Made in Italy in extruded aluminum (4 mm thickness) with anti-resonance design.
2-way system bi-amplified powersoft 500W+100W RMS 
1 neodymium compression driver tweeter 25mm, high efficiency, horn loaded 80° dispersion angle.
8 Mid-bass XTDD, 13,5 cm.
Frequency range 65Hz - 20.000Hz.
Max Output Level: 126dB - peak 129dB
Standard finish: brushed aluminum.
Removable cloth grille.
Customisable finishes: cabinet colour and coating, grille (on demand).
Dimensions (WxHxD): 160x2020x145 mm
Weight 31,5 Kg

Floor stand, wall stand or shelf stand installation 
Optional accessories:
- wall bracket, rotation up to 160° and +/- 10° inclination

IMPORTANT: QTower speakers by default come with no bracket holes.
Please indicate if holes are required when ordering.
-floor stand (project, material and quotation on demand).

Tower Q8 Pro-Ultra

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